Reworking "Time" from the "Inception" Soundtrack

I saw Hans Zimmer the other night perform with a symphony live in Nashville and was completely blown away + inspired. I've always loved great movie soundtracks and it was great to see so many classic themes performed with a large symphony/live band hybrid and a pretty sophisticated light and video show perfectly choreographed with it all.

I came home and immediately started tinkering on the piano with some of those melodies and re-fell in love with the closing theme from "Inception" (side note....that scene always gives me ALL of the feels each and every time I watch it). I had some free time the next morning so I listened to the track a few times and picked out some of the melodies and arrangements that really stuck out to me throughout it, reworked my own little version of it for fun. 

Here is an mp3 of the final version to listen to, and I have also posted the instagram story that I did while I was going through and creating this so you can get an insight into the different tracks and things that make it up!

- Preston